About Us

Instantaneous Pet Service has a unique BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Miracle Mile designed specifically for pets. We are an all-inclusive service that caters to your furry special pet by giving them the perfect lounge experience with luxury fluffy pillows. They will spend their time in a cozy, comfortable place complete with soothing music and belly-rubs. We are conveniently located in Mid-City, a safe and dog friendly neighborhood with recently upgraded dog parks.

Whatever your plans, BOUTIQUE HOTEL is a destination that is truly unique! The perfect spot for a pet vacation or a reunion with old pals. The hotel features bright, sunny loft windows that receive a gentle breeze that every pet loves. We welcome  small- and medium-sized pets with mild, temperaments and friendly behaviors. We have Veterinarian to care for your pet in case of an emergency 24 hours a day. We limit our capacity to seven to ten pets to give our secret recipe: 1 scoop of tender, 2 spoons of love, and 1 cup of care.